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The New York City Workforce Data Portal

Data and visualizations about City-administered workforce programs

Last updated 3 days ago


The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) and the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (WKDEV) are developing a new website to serve as a public-facing source of data about City workforce programs. This “workforce data portal” will visualize data from several City workforce programs and the NY State Department of Labor’s wage reporting system. Through an interactive dashboard of aggregated data and analyses, it will provides visual insights about New Yorkers’ journey through the City’s workforce system.

Common Metrics

This project is part of a long-term effort to help more New Yorkers get and succeed in jobs that pay sustaining wages. As part of this effort, NYC Opportunity and WKDEV developed a set of 13 common performance measures. These provide standard terms and definitions for key milestones (for example, enrollment in a skills-training program) and outcomes (such as full-time job placement) often used in workforce programs.

These “common metrics” provide detailed definitions and criteria for workforce program outcomes in the following areas:

  • Employment:
    • Job Placements (Full-Time and Part-Time)
    • Job Retention
    • Job Continuity
  • Skill Development:
    • Training
    • Industry Certifications and Academic Degrees
  • Wages:
    • Median Wage
    • Wage Growth
    • Quarterly Earnings

Together, the common metrics and workforce data portal aim to create a more robust, data-informed view of the City’s workforce system; identify factors that lead to better job placement, retention, and growth; and help human services providers work seamlessly together to meet every resident’s workforce needs.

Workforce Data Portal Preview

Dark blue webpage with Common Metrics definition

Dark blue Workforce Data Portal page with description of Data Stories

Dark blue Workforce Data webpage with examples of Data Stories, including two cards with bar chart graphics

Workforce Data Portal page with five different charts showing workforce data