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Vaccine for All Corps Opportunities and Resources

The resources below are available exclusively to the Vaccine for All Corps (V4AC) team members, unless otherwise noted.

If you are not a V4AC team member and you express interest in the V4AC opportunities, you will not hear back. View more programs here on Working NYC and visit the NYC Workforce 1 Career Discovery website to explore opportunities for full-time work outside of the V4AC.

Last updated Last updated on Mar 14, 2022

Resources for V4AC Team Members

As of August 3rd, 2021, all V4AC personnel are required to provide proof of vaccination or submit results of a weekly negative COVID-19 test by Tuesdays, 5pm EST, before reporting to work.

Submit weekly COVID-19 test here:

If you are vaccinated, do not submit your proof of vaccination to this link. You must submit your COVID-19 vaccination records to Aya Healthcare directly.

This requirement is in effect for all V4AC staff working in a clinical setting. This includes the Community Outreach teams, POD staff, staff working with CSIRU, and Mental Health Amplifiers.

Beginning September 13, 2021, this requirement will expand to be effective for all V4AC staff. This requirement will also remain in place in the event you change roles within the V4AC.


  • The weekly negative COVID-19 test results are required until we have received proof of vaccination. Fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks past receiving all necessary shots.
  • If you do not submit your negative COVID-19 test results by August 10th at 5pm EST, you will be removed from your assignment starting on August 12th. You will not be reassigned until a vaccination card or negative COVID-19 test result is received.
  • If you fail to submit a vaccination card or weekly COVID-19 test results by each Tuesday at 5pm EST, you risk being unplaced from your shift that week. If you fail to submit your vaccination card or weekly test for two weeks, you risk being removed from the Vaccine for All Corps program.
  • If you are vaccinated, you must submit your COVID-19 vaccination records to Aya Healthcare directly.
  • Please contact with any concerns. Please do not submit personal medical, health information, vaccination records, or your weekly tests to this email address.

Current Opportunities Outside of the V4AC

Below are opportunities outside of the V4AC, which will require an application process.  Please note if you are hired into any of these positions, it would mean transferring from the V4AC to another employer, such as the City of New York.

Please note, if you gain employment with an opportunity outside of the Vaccine for All Corps, that will mean a transition out of the V4AC to the new employer; in that case, please contact Aya Healthcare at to advise of your withdrawal from the V4AC program.

NY Project Hope

NY Project Hope (NYPH) in NYC works with 18 community-based organizations who provide short term crisis counseling services, education, and support to communities throughout the 5 boroughs. One of the primary functions of the provider agencies is to link community members to resources including housing, financial, mental health, and issues of food insecurity by connecting them with local food pantries.  Some of our providers work in all the 5 boroughs.

NY Project Hope’s providers are hiring to fill a number of Crisis Counselor roles within its Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP).  This position is well suited to people with a willingness to provide CCP services in a caring manner within the parameters of the FEMA CCP.  The Crisis Counselor:

  • Works with individuals, families, and groups to provide crisis counseling services either virtual or in-person that includes outreach, emotional support, individual and group crisis counseling, public education, and referrals when needed.
  • Is synonymous with term “outreach worker.”
  • Represents program in the community and networks with other agencies and partners to ensure needs of survivors are met.
  • Provides presentations to community groups on disaster reactions, coping skills, stress management, and the CCP.
  • May use the mobile application to complete data forms.
  • Minimum of a high-school diploma required to apply.

To apply, please send your resume to and include “NYPH Crisis Counselor Resume” in the subject line.

Vibrant Emotional Health Counselors and Peer Specialists

Vibrant Emotional Health is looking for full-time and part-time Counselors and Peer Support Specialists for the NYC Well program.  NYC Well Counselors and Peer Support Specialists provide behavioral health crisis counseling, emotional support, information, and referrals to ongoing services.  There are shifts available across all days and hours, especially overnights and weekends.   Note: These positions are 100% remote

Individuals who are interested in working for NYC Well can find out more information and apply for Call Center Counselor or Peer Support Specialist positions at

For additional opportunities for full-time work, please see other programs on the Working NYC website, and please visit the NYC Workforce 1 Career Discovery website.

Positions within the NYC Office of the Mayor
Rater, Performance Observation Team, Mayor’s Office of Operations

The Mayor’s Office of Operations works to make New York City government more effective and efficient. The Office is responsible for managing and coordinating multiagency initiatives and using data to help the City make informed policy decisions and strategic, targeted investments.  The Office oversees the daily operations of City agencies, coordinates City initiatives, and assists agencies in improving service quality and in measuring performance to provide greater accountability.

The Scorecard program rates the cleanliness of New York City’s streets and sidewalks based on regular assessments conducted by a team service inspectors employed by the Mayor’s Office. For the past 35 years, inspectors have rated a randomly chosen set of blocks throughout the five boroughs to develop monthly cleanliness ratings for all of the City’s 59 community board districts. Besides providing a regular “scorecard” for the citizens of New York City and their representatives; this information is used by the Department of Sanitation to target its street and sidewalk cleanliness resources to focus on the neediest sections of the city.  $42,970 annually.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

Correspondence Operations Coordinator, Mayor’s Office of Correspondence

The Mayor’s Office of Correspondence is responsible for reading, routing, and responding to all letters, emails, and 311 calls addressed to the Mayor. Correspondence staff also draft mayoral messages, certificates and proclamations for events, in addition to assisting other mayoral offices and agencies with a variety of writing and editing projects. The Office archives digital and hard copy records and routes letters to city agencies for handling, requiring extensive knowledge about the inner-workings of
City government.

The Correspondence Operations Coordinator will route and track correspondence for the attention of Deputy Mayor’s and other City Hall staff in addition to overseeing the recruitment, onboarding, training and management of interns for the Office of  Correspondence.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

Research Analyst, Mayor’s Office of Research and Media Analysis

The Mayor’s Office of Research and Media Analysis is responsible for monitoring media coverage related to the city’s policies and operations, and performing research in support of the administration’s broader communications priorities.  The Research Analyst is an entry-level role that is ideal for someone interested in New York City politics and communications.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

Special Event Coordinator, Mayor’s Office of Special Projects and Community Events (MOSPCE)

The Mayor’s Office of Special Projects and Community Events supports the Mayor and First Lady’s commitment to honor the diverse communities of New York City by organizing, managing and directing Mayoral public ceremonies, celebrations and receptions, in partnership with city agencies and with the support of the private sector. These special events are hosted at Gracie Mansion—also known as the People’s House—and other iconic sites across the City. The work of the unit is key to celebrating the diversity of the city and bringing New Yorkers together.

Reporting directly to the Event Manager, the Special Event Coordinator is responsible for providing support to the lead event planners in the development, logistical management, and production of large-scale special events throughout the five boroughs on behalf of the Mayor of the City of New York and the First Lady.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

Administrative/ Executive Assistant, Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ)

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) advises the Mayor and First Deputy Mayor on criminal justice policy and is the Mayor’s representative to the courts, district attorneys, defenders, and state criminal justice agencies, among others. The office designs, deploys, and evaluates citywide strategies to drive down crime, reduce unnecessary arrests and incarceration, and improve the system’s fairness. MOCJ works with law enforcement and city agencies, non-profits, foundations, and others to implement data-driven strategies that address current crime conditions, prevent offending, and build the strong neighborhoods that ensure enduring safety.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

Help Desk Technician, Management Information Systems (MIS), Office of the Mayor

The Mayor’s Office MIS Department is responsible for all aspects of technology for the agency. This includes end user desktop support, VOIP, network infrastructure, messaging, email, file, web, and database servers, and server virtualization. MIS collaborates with other city agencies to implement wireless policy and procedures and develop secure tools/applications for use by multiple agencies. MIS also partners with other departments in the Mayor’s Office to develop tools and applications that streamline processes, measure performance/metrics and increase productivity.

Help Desk Technicians are the first level of technical support for Office of the Mayor staff. Responsibilities include allocation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of IT equipment throughout the Mayor’s Office and Mayoral agencies.  For a full job description, please click on the job title link.

For additional positions within NYC government, please visit the NYC jobs page and the Office of the Mayor jobs page.

Opportunities within the V4AC

PEU Tabling and Outreach Program

The Public Engagement Unit (PEU) uses innovative methods of proactive outreach to reach New Yorkers where they are and connect them with key City services, programs, and resources, like COVID-19 vaccines, housing, healthcare, and more. As part of its ongoing COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts, PEU is scaling up its in-person outreach in all 5 boroughs. V4AC staff will join PEU staff and interns at foodbanks, in-person events, and high-traffic locations in particularly underserved communities to help inform New Yorkers about key City services and help sign them up for assistance.

PEU will be hosting tabling and High Traffic Canvassing events city-wide to raise awareness about our programs as well as help New Yorkers get enrolled in health insurance, schedule vaccine appointments, obtain the Child Tax Credit, register to vote, and more.

Through this large-scale proactive outreach, PEU  aims to ensure that we meet people in their communities and that all New Yorkers have a personalized experience with government that fuels a wider knowledge of and access to resources and strengthens civic ties.

Responsibilities  / Location:

Staff will conduct proactive outreach to New Yorkers in underserved communities to connect them to key City services like COVID-19 vaccines, health insurance, voter registration, and more. Outreach will include tabling and canvassing at high-traffic locations, community events, community-based organizations, and food distribution sites to distribute materials and collect information for New Yorkers who may need follow-up assistance from PEU staff.  The outreach program will focus on in-person work with occasional virtual work opportunities to be determined by the needs of the organization.


  • Participate in training: The program will include training on outreach best practices, PEU programs, and key City services, programs, and resources.
  • Engage in physical activity: Outreach will most often take place outdoors and will involve physical activity, including standing for long periods of time, walking, and some materials pick up and delivery.
  • Travel to any borough: The program will run city-wide and staff will be expected to attend tabling/canvassing events in locations across the city which may be different from their borough of residence.
  • Communicate energetically: Program success will depend on active engagement of the community. Staff will be expected to proactively canvass the area around the table and communicate with passersby about vaccines and other PEU programs.
This program is no longer accepting applications.