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Instrumentation Specialist II

Building Operations & Maintenance with NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Employment Type and Schedule Full-time

Salary $64,997 - $67,632 per year

Work Location Outside NYC

Last Updated Last updated on Mar 17, 2023

Description Description

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enriches the environment and protects public health for all New Yorkers by providing 1.1 billion gallons of high-quality drinking water, managing wastewater and stormwater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. DEP is the largest combined municipal water and wastewater utility in the country, with nearly 6,000 employees. DEP’s water supply system is comprised of 19 reservoirs and 3 controlled lakes throughout the system’s 2,000 square mile watershed that extends 125 miles north and west of the City.

The Bureau of Water Supply seeks to hire an Instrumentation Specialist II within the Water Operations Division, Source Water Operations Directorate, for a position located in Wappingers Falls, New York.

The Bureau of Water Supply, Water Operations Division plans, manages, operates, maintains, and provides responsible stewardship to all NYC water supply reservoirs, dams, facilities, aqueducts, shafts, hydroelectric plants, highways, bridges and watershed lands of the Delaware, Catskill, and Croton water systems upstream of the Kensico and New Croton reservoirs. The division ensures the continuous delivery of an adequate, reliable supply of high-quality drinking water through the Catskill and Delaware Aqueducts to approximately 9.5 million people in NYC and upstate communities in an environmentally healthy, safe, fiscally responsible, and efficient manner while maintaining compliance with the provisions of the Supreme Court Decree of 1954 and all other applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. The division leaders must lead and ensure a talented, well trained, motivated, and equipped workforce that is capable and flexible at accomplishing current and future tasks. The division provides support to other DEP units operating in the Division’s area of responsibility and maintains communications with local governments, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders for better cooperation during routine and emergency situations.

Under direction, of the Instrumentation Specialist III, the Instrumentation Specialist II will be responsible for operating, calibrating, maintaining, and servicing instrumentation data loggers, data telemetry equipment, programmable logic controllers, electric alarms, and communication equipment. They will work with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as the work distributing source, perform all repairs and/or replacements of all metering devices for equipment, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), and telemetry systems.

License Requirement

At the time of appointment, candidates must possess a Motor Vehicle Driver License valid in the State of New York. Employees must maintain this license for the duration of employment.

(This is a brief description of what you might do in this position and does not include all the duties of this position.)

Some of the physical activities performed by Instrumentation Specialists and environmental conditions experienced are: being around hazardous gases; wearing protective clothing; climbing and descending ladders and stairways; standing for long periods of time; walking to and from repair sites; bending, crouching and kneeling; working on scaffolds; lifting and carrying heavy equipment; working in confined areas; working outdoors in all kinds of weather; working in areas that have high noise levels and may be damp, dark, dusty, dirty and/or acrid; and using equipment for fecal testing.

Special Working Conditions: Instrumentation Specialists may be required to work shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Requirements Requirements

(1) An associate degree in electrical construction and instrumentation, electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, electromechanical engineering technology, or electronic engineering technology from a college or university, accredited by regional, national, professional or specialized agencies recognized as accrediting bodies by the U.S. Secretary of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), AND one year of full-time satisfactory experience within the last ten years in the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic instrumentation and control systems, including microprocessors, and electrical and pneumatic instrumentation and control systems; or

(2) Graduation from a trade, technical or vocational school approved by a State’s Department of Education or a recognized accrediting organization with a major course of study in electrical, electronic, electromechanical or mechanical technology AND three years of full-time satisfactory experience as described in “1” above; or

(3) A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a State’s Department of Education or a recognized accrediting organization AND four years of full-time satisfactory experience as described in “1” above.

College education leading to a degree in one of the areas of study described in “1” above may be substituted only in “2” or “3” above for a maximum of three years of experience at the rate of 30 semester credits for one year of full-time satisfactory experience.

Driver License Requirement: By the time you are appointed to this position, you must have a motor vehicle driver license valid in the State of New York. If you have moving violations, license suspension(s) or an accident record, you may be disqualified. This license must be maintained for the duration of your employment.

1. To be assigned to Assignment Level II candidates must, in addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements noted above, possess an additional one year of full-time satisfactory experience as described in “1” above, for a total of five years of experience.

2. To be assigned to Assignment Level III candidates must, in addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements noted above, possess an additional two years of full time satisfactory experience as described in “1” above, for a total of six years of experience.

License Requirement:
2. At the time of appointment or assignment to Assignment Level III, employees may be required to possess a Federal Communications Commission license for
radio repairs.