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Public Safety, Inspections, & Enforcement with New York Police Department (NYPD)

Employment Type and Schedule Full-time

Salary $35,956 - $40,630 per year

Work Location NYC All Boroughs

Last Updated Last updated on Mar 22, 2023

Description Description

The mission of the New York City Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in New York City by working in partnership with the community to enforce the law, preserve peace, protect the people, reduce fear, and maintain order. The NYPD strives to foster a safe and fair city by incorporating Neighborhood Policing into all facets of Department operations, and solve the problems that create crime and disorder through an interdependent relationship between the people and its police, and by pioneering strategic innovation.

Under general supervision, cares for horses and maintains stables and equipment in orderly and sanitary condition, performs related work. Feeds and waters horses, stacks forage, and fills oat and bran bins. Sponges, currycombs, brushes, and rubs down horses. Beds down horses and replaces unsuitable straw. Inspects horses to detect sickness, lameness, or loose shoes, and reports any indications thereof. Sweeps stables, and flushes stalls, drains, and floors with disinfectant and water. Cleans and cares for stable sheets, blankets, and harness equipment.

Requirements Requirements

1. Six months of full-time, paid experience in the grooming, feeding, cleaning, and inspection of at least 3 horses each day.