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Careers and Education in NYC

Learn about NYC’s other websites to help you find and achieve your career and education goals.

Last updated Last updated on Mar 14, 2022

Career Discovery NYC

Learn about careers in tech, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, and media

For each career featured on Career Discovery NYC you can:

  • Explore and learn about a new career that is in demand, including skill requirements and salary expectations.
  • Discover the skills required for selected in-demand jobs and determine whether that career is a good fit for you while taking introductory courses.
  • Practice what you have learned and prepare for an intensive training program.
  • Train, by applying to high quality trainings that can lead you to a new career.

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Workforce Dashboard

See how different programs compare to each other and what outcomes they can expect by completing it

People looking to compare program performance will have access to standard definitions for key milestones and outcomes across workforce programs. There are 13 “Common Metrics” that include the following areas:

  • Employment: job placements (full-time and part-time), job retention, and job continuity
  • Skill Development: training, industry certifications, and academic degrees
  • Wages: median wage, wage growth, and quarterly earnings

The Workforce Dashboard will be available soon! Get a sneak peak


Access to thousands of job opportunities working for business doing projects in NYC - companies can get free recruiting service.

New Yorkers looking to gain a job through HireNYC should register for Workforce1 to connect to a career counselor.

Register for Workforce 1

Businesses who want to participate in HireNYC will get free recruiting services – with access to a pool of high-qualified New Yorkers who live in the areas your projects will impact. Program details:

  • HireNYC: Goods and Services – Qualifying vendors are required to enroll with the HireNYC portal and interview qualified candidates who meet the requirements of the entry and mid-level positions associated with the contract.
  • HireNYC: Human Services – Human services vendors are required to hire one Public Assistance recipient for every $250,000 received in City funds.
  • Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan – For NYC Department of Design and Construction-procured construction contracts above $300,000 that are related to Sandy Recovery efforts, contractors and subcontractors must include apprenticeship agreements and are subject to Outer Borough Residential Project Labor Agreement.
  • HireNYC: Development – Construction Jobs: This program connects construction job opportunities generated by NYCEDC and HPD projects to low-income workers.
  • HireNYC: Development- Permanent Jobs: This program establishes employment targets related to hiring, retention and advancement for permanent jobs created by businesses at City-supported development projects, including tenants of NYCEDC-managed properties.

Working NYC

Job prep and training and adult and english education classes in NYC

You are already on Working NYC! Keep exploring all of the opportunities on this site, including: